We connect science to business, to accelerate the transformation towards sustainability. The programme is tailor-made for business leaders to take a deep dive into the megatrends shaping our planet and global economy. You will join world-leading scientists, thought leaders and innovators to explore how to develop your business and lead the way to a sustainable, resilient future.

Key takeaways:
• Gain strategic insights from the latest science on global change and planetary boundaries
• Analyse how your company influences and is influenced by global megatrends
• Identify opportunities for your company to thrive by contributing to a prosperous planet
• Improve your long-term strategy for creating sustainable business value

Schedule 2018

Preparatory activities
• Individual briefings (30 minutes, scheduled in August 2018)
• Background reading

Module 1: A new global context
When: November 9, 2018, 12.30-17.30
Where: Stockholm Resilience Centre, Kräftriket 2B, Stockholm

• Lunch by Mathias Dahlgren – a taste of resilience.
Introduction of participants and the programme
• Welcome to the Anthropocene – a new reality for business (Johan Rockström)
• Doughnut economics for business leaders (Kate Raworth)
Coffee and group work
• Business leadership for a prosperous planet – the case of Unilever (Paul Polman)
• Concluding discussion, introducing assignment

Enrich the analysis of how your company relates to the new global context presented in Module 1, potentially together with colleagues. Document your findings.

Module 2: Exploring pathways

When: November 29, 12.30 – December 1, 12.30
Where: Off-site retreat, Stockholm

• Lunch and introduction
• Follow-up on assignment
• Resilience – a new mindset for sustainability (Carl Folke)
• Pathways to a prosperous planet (Johan Rockström)
• Coffee
• Taking the lead through science-based targets (Nigel Topping)
Workshop: Effective goal setting
• Dinner

• Measuring and communicating total impact (Pavan Sukhdev)
Workshop: Accounting for total profit and loss
• Coffee
• Innovations for a circular economy (Anders Wijkman and Mats Linder)
Workshop: Closing the loops
• Walk and talk: Exponential technologies and sustainability (Amy Luers)
Roundtable discussion: Risks and opportunities
• Coffee
• Workshop: Generating and developing novel ideas (with expert support from Module 2 contributors)
• Dinner

• Navigating transformations to sustainability (Frances Westley)
• Coffee
• Workshop: Taking it home
• Closing lunch

Advance novel ideas where sustainability generates prosperity for business and planet. Self-defined 4 months project with individual coaching from contributors. Prepare a short presentation of lessons learned.

• Individual coaching (1 hour, scheduled in February)

Module 3: Looking ahead

When: April 12, 2019, 12.30-17.30,
Where: Stockholm Resilience Centre, Kräftriket 2B, Stockholm

• Lunch
• Exchange of experiences from individual projects
• Coffee
• A scientific update (Johan Rockström and Carl Folke)
Workshop: Next steps for mobilising broader transformations
• Final reflections

Read more about the contributors here