The executive programme started in 2018 and alumni are invited annually to the Stockholm Resilience Centre for science updates and exchange of ideas. The participants who have completed the programme are listed below, with the position held at the time of enrolment.

Alumni of the programme 2021-2022

The alumni of the 2021-2022 programme

From top left to bottom right:
Joachim Alpen, Large Corporates & Financial Institutions, SEB
Annica Bresky, CEO, Stora Enso
Carina Åkerström, CEO, Handelsbanken
Nina Lindvall, CEO, Interflora
Annemarie Gardshol, CEO, Postnord
Paul Schrotti, CEO, Lindéngruppen
Henric Andersson, CEO, Husqvarna
Niclas Mårtensson, CEO, Stena Line Group
Hans Beyer, CSO, SEB
Katarina Staaf, CEO, AP6
Helena Hedblom, President & CEO, Epiroc
Catharina Belfrage Sahlstrand, CSO, Handelsbanken
Cecilia Wikström, CEO Beijerstiftelsen
Markus Granlund, CEO, Semcon
Kerstin Lindell, Chair, Bona

Not present in photo:
Christian Levin, CEO, Scania

Alumni of the programme 2020-2021

Bild på Executive programmets deltagare, via Zoom, 2020-2021

From top left to bottom right:
Torun Litzén, Director Corporate Communication & Georgi Ganev, CEO, Kinnevik
Lisen Schultz, (Contributor) Programme director, SRC
Niklas Stenberg, CEO, Addtech
Carl Folke (Contributor), Chair of the Board, SRC

Martin Lundstedt, CEO, Volvo
Johan Rockström (Contributor), Professor, SRC
Mia Brunell Livfors, CEO, Axel Johnson
Henrik Henriksson (Contributor), CEO, H2 Green Steel

Ann Carlsson, CEO, Apoteket
Sara Norell, Director of Assortment Purchasing and Supply Chain, Systembolaget
Ingrid Bonde, Chair of the Board, Apoteket
Jon Sintorn, CEO, Nobia

Helena Helmersson, CEO, H&M
Liv Forhaug, CEO, Martin & Servera
Staffan Dahlström, CEO, HMS
Håkan Buskhe, CEO, FAM

Per Olsson (Contributor), Principal Researcher Transformations, SRC
Johan Forssell, CEO, Investor
Charlotte Brogren, Chair of the Board, HMS
Johan Torgeby, CEO, SEB

Alumni of the programme 2019-2020

From top left to bottom right:
Mats Rahmström, CEO, Atlas Copco
Sofia Svingby, VP Sustainability, Atlas Copco
Magnus Billing, CEO, Alecta
Henrik Furhoff, CEO, Ipco
Sara Öhrvall, Chief Digital, Customer Experience and Communications Officer, SEB
Lotta Lyrå, CEO, Clas Ohlson
Freddy Sobin, CEO, Kicks
Magdalena Gerger, CEO, Systembolaget
Malin Sandquist, Director Corporate, Public and Legal Affairs, Systembolaget
Siv Malmgren, CEO, John Mattson Fastigheter
Staffan Pehrson, CEO, Nefab
Jerker Johansson, Executive Chairman, Blue Water Energy
Klas Balkow, CEO, Axfood
Marcus Wallenberg, Chair, FAM, SAAB, SEB, Patricia industries
Jonas Samuelsson, CEO, Electrolux

Alumni of the programme 2018 – 2019

Back row:
Lisen Schultz (Contributor) Programme director, SRC
Paul Polman (Contributor), CEO, Unilever
Johan Rockström (Contributor), Professor, SRC
Carl Rosén, Director General, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation
Andreas Regnell, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development, Vattenfall
Henrik Henriksson, CEO, Scania

Middle row:
Kate Raworth (Contributor), Senior Associate, Oxford University
Birgitte Bonnesen, CEO, Swedbank
Mats Hederos, CEO, AMF Fastigheter
Helene Fasth Gillstedt, Member of the Board, Munters, Humana, Samhall & Handelsbanken Fonder)
Carl Cederschiöld, CEO, Handelsbanken Fonder
Jeff Seabright (Contributor), Chief Sustainability Officer, Unilever
Jacob Wallenberg, Chairman of the board, Investor

Front row:
Tomas Billing, CEO, Nordstjernan, Chairman of the board, NCC
Pontus Cornelius, CEO, Ernströmgruppen
Thomas Ekman, CEO, Dustin
Fredrik Nilzén, Head of Group Sustainability, Swedbank
Helena Norrman, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Relations, Ericsson

Not present in photo:
Pia Anderberg, Executive Vice President, People and Innovation Axel Johnson
Karl-Henrik Sundström, CEO, Stora Enso
Lars Wedenborn, CEO, FAM