The executive programme is hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University and developed in collaboration with the Pontus Schultz Foundation.

Stockholm Resilience Centre is considered a global reference point for sustainability science. Established in 2007, its research is based on innovative methodologies and extensive collaboration across disciplines and society at large.

The centre has not only contributed to a wider shift in academia, but also spurred new thinking on sustainability within business sectors and international policy arenas. In addition to its academic excellence, the centre has a long history of helping to navigate the unknown and bringing together changemakers across science, business and politics.

Johan Rockström, internationally recognized for his work on global sustainability issues, is the executive director of the centre. Carl Folke, who is among the most cited scientists in the world on resilience thinking, is the scientific director.

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The Pontus Schultz Foundation was founded in 2012 in memory of Pontus Schultz, a highly regarded Swedish journalist acknowledged for illuminating the business benefits of sustainability, diversity and equality. The foundation aims to accelerate change towards a more sustainable, diverse and equal business environment, by highlighting role models and inspirational cases, and by bringing together diverse perspectives in constructive dialogues. The foundation has been highly successful in nurturing an alternative vision for business in Sweden and has developed into an important platform for high-level events on sustainability and diversity in the Swedish business community.

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Advisory council

The development of the programme will be supported by an advisory council that will provide strategic input and horizon-scanning. Members include international scholars and business leaders from the Pontus Schultz Foundation and the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

The programme design is led by Lisen Schultz, researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. She is supported by faculty at the centre, including executive director Johan Rockström and science director Carl Folke, and Sara Öhrvall from the Pontus Schultz foundation.